Welcome to The Manahawkin Flea Market

Great Family Fun for All Ages

2014 Farmers Market July-Sept

Crafts Vendors and More...

Come Visit The Manahawkin Flea Market

Summer Filled with Great Fun Events

Memorial Day Weekend – Good Ole Days – May 24th and 25th Crafts, Vendors and more

Manahawkin Food Truck Show July 5th and July 26th

Manahawkin Hoedown - August 23rd & 24th from 10am to 4pm

Come Visit Our Indoor Manahawkin Mart Shoppes

Manahawkin Flea Market Close to LBI Beaches


Great Family Fun with Live Music

Farmers Market 2014

Manahawkin Flea Market

Stafford Township Farmers Market Located at

Manahawkin Flea Market

Fridays 9am – 3pm

July – September
Manahawkin Flea Market, 657 East Bay Avenue,

Manahawkin, NJ 08050 609-233-0000

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend May 24th & 25th 10am–4pm. Good Ole Days – Crafts, Vendors and more.

Good Family Fun for everyone with Live Music and Great Food! 10am-4pm

Food Truck Show

Manahawkin Food Truck Competition

July 5th and July 26th

A Food Truck Show 10am – 7pm

Family Fun and Music – Come and Enjoy the Day

Manahawkin Hoedown

Manahawkin Flea Market Hoedown

Manahawkin Hoedown –

August 23rd & 24th from 10am to 4pm

Country Music

Great Family Fun for ALL ages.

Manahawkin Flea Market and Shoppes

Good Things are happening at the Mart in 2014

657 East Bay Avenue

Manahawkin, NJ 08050

Sell New Merchandise:

April-May $15.00 a space per day  

June, July & August $20.00 a space per day

September – December $15.00 a space per day

Sell Used Merchandise for $10.00 a spaces per day! Available All Year

Monthly Reserved Spaces may be available. First Come First Served

Call now to reserve your space!

(609) 597-1017

(609) 233-0000

Manahawkin Mart Shoppes

Open ALL Year 7 days a week !

Inside Rental Yearly Leases Available

Call 609-233-0000 Ask for Jill

Outside Space Available All Year Round!

Vendor Interested in the above Events!



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